Connecting you and your customers with music hand-picked for your brand.

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OnDemand DJ’S world first innovation – OnDemand DJ Mixes with over 30 Million songs picked – has revolutionized the out-of-home experience, allowing people to choose their music.

Music makes
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Music has the power to transform a business by connecting people with places. Use it well, and everyone wins.

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OnDemand DJ’S is the platform of choice for brands that care about the role music plays in their business. We work with a diverse mix of clients who share our passion for creating great experiences for customers.

why ondemand dj’s

Connecting you and your customers with music hand-picked for your brand.

Experience innovation.

Music transforms an experience. Whether you want set and forget, perfectly designed soundtracks, or input from customers and staff to personalise the playlist through our in-venue request innovation, OnDemand DJ– we help you craft an unforgettable music experience.


With access to all the world’s music, our DJs and Music Consultants will ensure your handmade soundtrack stays on-brand and on-trend.

Perfectly mixed.

Every track is remastered and professionally produced to ensure optimal audio quality and seamless song transitions. No more volume fluctuations or uncomfortable dead spots.

Always fresh.

From calm mornings to happy hour, shape the experience by scheduling the right music for different times throughout the day and week..

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Are you a DJ can you bring the heat with the mixes?

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All styles in music are within our reach.


Attract and entice customers with incredible music and the perfect atmosphere.